Thursday, July 01, 2010

Purrrrrr!: The sound emanating from me and not the sewing machine.

I waited two LONG weeks and my sewing machine motor finally arrived! I attached the motor, and out of sheer excitement, I didn't even know what to sew first and ended up occupying myself with unrelated hobbies. Yeah, that's how I operate.

I was planning to figure out the tension issue yesterday, however, ended up consuming gin & tonic (concocted by my father-in-law) and was much too playful and buzzed to be fidgeting with heavy machinery -- it weighs about the same as an elephant. I ended up bantering about random things with my father-in-law who also had a gin & tonic. My husband (sober) watched in dismay. Then I ended up working on my rug and watching reruns of Frasier and That 70s Show.

I was able to figure out the tension on my sewing machine this afternoon...did you hear that? MY sewing machine. *heart flutters* I'm all ready to go! Only thing, can't start any projects yet; am lacking in the fabric department.  Want to hear that machine purr? I've uploaded a video! This is my nerdiness at its finest, thankyouverymuch.

Purrrr! Oh my heart strings!

Here's my rug progress! I am a quarter done of the entire rug. This is just half the canvas! Things are just moving along! My husband took one look at it and declared that this piece of artwork was going on the wall. I died inside.  The way I feel about it is probably about the same way animal activists feel about giving pet dogs dye jobs. Watch it end up on the wall. Ha ha. *sigh*

Because life isn't complete with yet another project, I started a cable twist scarf.
No cable needle necessary, thank goodness. There's no use slowing me down!
I did also finish that baby blanket I was working on. Need to take pictures. Maybe next time :)

I'm still trying to understand my fascination with having a million projects going at once. I know I like the feeling of mastery; thus, the many different hobbies. 

Off to yoga I go now!

Happy Canada Day!!!


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Leah said...

You're such a busy girl! You're my idol Blendar :D I love the rug and am so thrilled that you got your sewing machine working!!!

Mmm gin and tonic, my favorite!