Monday, October 18, 2010

I am around!

I have disappeared for an entire season! What have I been doing for the past 3 months?

I was getting my perma-tan in Mexico! (Seriously, that tan lasts about a year. After a year, I go back and get another one). It was an awesome trip that included swimming with the dolphins, horseback riding, snorkeling, and kayaking. The kayaking (1.5 to 2 hours) made me seasick as the waves were very rough, but I slept it away once I got back to the resort.

The hubby was afraid that I would throw up in our kayak. He's the type where others puking induces him to puke or feel nausea. If anything, I would let it all out in the open ocean, but you can't really puke if your stomach is empty. Puke puke puke. There is a lot of "puke" in this paragraph. If hubby is reading this, it would surely make him ill.  Know what would make me nauseous? Scrolling too fast up and down the page, that's what.

Also went for a hike with the colleagues in my department (plus hubby and friend). Upon seeing my photos on FB, one of my other coworkers commented, "I think it's cute that your department goes on nature walks!" Lady, this was no nature walk, it was a 4 hour hike and I had to scale down a tree via some rope and step through creeks. Haha! That and Hubby had me get on this suspension bridge while he rapidly jumped up and down. That was fun for 2 minutes before I started freaking out.

When we found our waterfall, we drank its cool, crisp water, and hoped that we would not get beaver fever.

I'm sure others at work can confirm that we are no madder than usual.

In crafty updates, here's the pic of the blanket I promised to post 3 months ago. It is complete and I find the colors quite suitable for October.

I best be getting that to the baby. It's all of a sudden deceivingly cold in Vancouver. It's sunny out, but you will surely freeze your buns off.

I had to wear my wool jacket the other day as it was cold enough. However, other Vancouverites begged to differ as they ran about the city in their cardigans and sandals -- they are in denial about the cold. Listen,  I was born and raised here, put your jacket on before you catch a cold or I tell your mother.

I'm still working on that rug. I took a picture before I continued working on it. I have finally attached the second canvas. Am closer to getting it done but I must hurry as the floor is freaking cold and winter is creeping up on us. 

I currently have it laying out on the floor so that I can run down the hallway from the bedroom and stand on it to give my cold feet some relief.

 I am also working on a secret project that I can't talk a lot about as it is a gift. But it is in a fabulous purple and knit with a diamond pattern.

My friend is coming home for Christmas early. Basically, this week and I am knitting this thing everywhere: at home, on the train, during lunch, etc.

My friend Mel came back from Hong Kong and presented me with 6 skeins of silk-cashmere-wool blend yarn. Bwahaha. Enabler.

It's in a fabulous green color and I'm not sure what I'm going to make yet but it'll be awhile before I have time to knit something for myself. For now,  it will live happily under my bed with my stash.

That's the update, y'all. I promise to not wait another 3 months before I update again!


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