Wednesday, June 16, 2010

...and you maaaake me feel, so shiny and new!

My friend, M, came over and helped me scrub down my machine. No longer is it covered in caked-on decade-old grease. We brushed away all old lint. There was some caked on thread-grease gunk on the feeder feet.  My husband had to take the machine outside, and turn it in all directions to get miscellaneous dirt and dust out of it. Not an easy feat as it weighs like 2039480928 pounds.

If you remember, this is the before (Sorry for the crap lighting).
Here it is all tidied up!

It's like an entirely different machine.  Here are the knobs.

I've just figured out that I am definitely the easiest person to shop for. "Here's a pack of sewing machine needles, blublu!" or "I just stumbled upon this skein of virgin wool and thought of you!" or "This fabric would look great on you!" My, that would make anybody a bag of awesome in my books.

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