Monday, June 07, 2010

You're vintage, Brother!

Long time no blog! Why? I was in Los Angeles on a business-turned-pleasure trip. Despite being filmed, overeating, and having an entourage, the only pics I have are of my husband and I at the Observatory. Complete geekery at its finest!

 Above: At the Observatory

In other news, I finally found a sewing machine that fits my criteria 100%. I wanted one that was all-metal construction and capable of a zigzag stitch. Sounds simple to find? Hardly! They don't make all-metal machines anymore (at a reasonable price). Voila! Here it is!

 Above: You're vintage, Brother!

This thing is heavy! It's a vintage Japanese sewing machine. Quite the sexy beast! How much did it cost? Free! Craiglist is awesome. It's missing a motor, and I need to replace the needleplate (because I do not like the one on the machine currently), a lightbulb, and this rubber ring that touches the control wheel.

I've found the needleplate online. I suspect any ol' sewing motor will do. The motor sits external to the machine, which makes my life easier, I suppose. I spent many hours of my day googling for information about this machine.

This is what I know...

*It's a Brother, Model 280
*Made in Japan
*has J C 1 imprinted on the bottom of the machine

None of this information was found via Google. *head to desk* However, I did join a Yahoo Group "Japanese Vintage Sewing Machines". Apparently, there's a lot of history to this machine, but I still feel as though I don't know much.

Well keep you posted on how the repairs go!

In other news, made Orange Glazed Chicken Curry with Cilantro.

Indeed, I made this Indian dish in a Wok. This suits my marriage perfectly, thankyouverymuch. If you would like the recipe, you can find it here.

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Leah said...

Yay for new old machines and cooking Indian food in woks! I will be over for dinner :D

scool said...

I have this same machine it belonged to my great grandmother.

adrian said...

just saw this machine at an indoor flea market, thinking about buying it

blublu said...

It runs like a dream. Also very durable!