Sunday, May 16, 2010

I pimp...err hook rugs.

My entire weekend was comprised of working on my rug. Yes, I started my rug project. No, I didn't finish that baby blanket. I intend to ask the expectant mother to not be selfish and to hold it (i.e. the baby) in until I'm good and ready for the kid. I kid (no pun intended).

Actually, a little lie. I didn't spend the entire weekend working on my rug. Some of Saturday morning was spent walking 3km to yoga class, then attending yoga class (killer camel pose), and then walking 3km back. On the way back, I decided to take a shortcut, which ended up being a dead-end. I had come to the chain link fence of the quaintest and one of the oldest cemeteries ever. The owners of the houses next to this chain link fence were in their yards doing work. They recommended that I hop the fence. "Just climb on over. It's not private property or anything!" I'm sure the corpses disagree.

Well, you know what? Why the hell not? Who do I think I am with a Lululemon yoga bag, and Blenz MatchaChillo in hand. A yoga yuppie? No! So, over the fence one-handedly I went. BTW, I thought I'd stop with the shortcuts in my neighborhood since getting lost during a run and having to go 9kms --not the case. Worth it though. Discovery is amazing.

Anyhow, WHY do I always digress?  So the rug...I worked on it for MOST of Saturday. As of this morning, this is what I have...

Looks impressive, but that's only a very small part of the rug. The canvas shown there is just HALF the rug. I think I have to fill over 660,000 little squares in the grid. Each blue square shown is 100 tiny little squares. This rug won't hook itself, you know? I have to hook it. OMG, this makes me a rug pimp.

My friend Ric was awesome enough to help me with the design of the rug. I had found an image I liked and it wasn't in the right proportion so he helped me extend the design. Curious what the design is? Too bad, you'll have to wait and see the finished rug! Oh the suspense!

In other news, the hubby got a free lawnmower from our mortgage broker's boss, the Prez of the mortgage company. Yah, I'm not sure how he's always able to swing these things, but it's pretty funny. The hubs mowed the lawn for about three hours. The neighbor commented (she always comments), "So you finally broke down and got a lawnmower!"

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