Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Off the Air

I am done my cushion case. YAY! I slaved away at it yesterday evening and it is finally done. Oh glory!

I celebrated by eating a sizeable amount of Nutella. This was imperative. It's either have a lot or none as hubby would have hoarded it and eaten it all, jar included. We had gone to the supermarket and I had picked up a large bottle from the aisle. Then hubby spotted me with it in hand and said, "No way! No more Nutella in the house!" Calories calories calories.

"I didn't get to eat any last time! You had like the entire jar!"

He: Ok, fine!

When I got home, I told him I was taking it to work and hiding it there. He demanded that I keep it at home and that we share. hilarious.

Wait, right. So the pillow case...

I call it "Off the Air" because it reminds me of those striped lines on the telly when a channel goes off the air after a long day of broadcasting. You know, after that 4am episode of Rhoda. Yes, I haven't watched TV in awhile. Why do you ask?

The back of the pillow I made with regular ol' gray:

Looks sorta like when you turn off your television

Yay tunisian stitch!
 Am now one project closer to that rug!


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