Monday, May 10, 2010

Shame shame!

This post is all about the shame of unfinished things.

Last weekend, I had gone out to purchase rug supplies. Oh yes, I am going to make my own rug because I am fickle about colour and currently there is no rug out there (that is reasonably priced) that prevents my whining. Why yes, I AM feeling a bit Little-House-on-the-Prairies with all this crafting. But, you know what stands in the way of my rug making? My unfinished objects. They'd be my Nellie Olsen.

 I decided that I needed to tackle those unfinished objects before I even think about the rug. How shameful of me to leave them for weeks (ok. months) on end. There is something so evil to me about seaming and sewing knits...only because I'm lazy in that department.

I first tackled those eyeless fish hats. They were blind and swimming aimlessly in my knitting basket.

I presented my brother with his hat, finally. I mentioned to him that it wasn't washed yet, and gave him instructions. He promptly handed it back to me, "You waaaaash it!" Brat.

I also finished sewing on buttons and a label to that baby sweater I was working on.

I also gave my mother her beret this weekend. She laughed because it was hot out. I suppose I could've hid the shame of this by giving it to her next winter.

Still outstanding is my baby afghan and Tunisian crochet project...then I can tackle that rug; that is, if people can hold off on birthing babies for just a moment! I want to make a dang rug!

In renovation news, I am in the midst of figuring out drapes and curtains. Number of Home Depot trips today for the hubby? Two. Number of trips to Walmart for the hubby? Two. I luckily eeked by with just one trip for each.

My backyard is a mess. My neighbor commented, "Shame shame." I am unaffected. Poor lady. Dandelion seeds from my yard are blowing into her garden. However, she's been sneaking her garbage into our garbage can. That sorta balances things out, right?

Other activities this weekend:
  • Ran a little bit over 7.5km. 
  • Played the piano. 
  • Spent the day with my mum (which my brothers promptly crashed). 
  • Went with hubby to have dinner with my Father-in-Law (who loves to give me more rum than coke in my Rum & Coke -- because I'm fun!).
  • Updated the website:
  • Visited a garden store and Jysk
Have a great week!


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Leah said...

The fish look terrific and very happy to be able to see! Love the buttons you decided on for the vest too :D
Will the rug be braided?