Sunday, April 18, 2010

Why my husband has no where to sit...

I am currently in the midst of designing and knitting a baby vest. I do this on the living room couch. As a result, the hubby really doesn't have anywhere to sit. Typically, when I'm knitting, the couch will house all my tools. (See below).
If he asks nicely (or if he gives me that look), I'll shove everything to the right a little. I kid. Sorta. Not really. He's nice though. Right, hubby? (<- clearly a public display of sucking up so that he won't be mad when I make him sit on the floor). Knitting tools get preferential treatment around here, apparently.  (Aww, hubby! I will knit you another pair of socks!)

Today the couch is housing my project, stitch counter, knitting journal (compliments of my sister-in-law), measuring tape (compliments of my friend, M -- which surprisingly I haven't lost yet; it's been 5 years maybe?), and two animal Clover containers containing more knitting tools.  Sidenote: Boy, do I have enablers in my life or what?

Anyways, that up there is part of the vest I've designed. I started about it in a frenzy in the dead of night after a JellyBelly-induced sugar rush. Costco has my money for that 1.1kg bag of Jelly Belly! When I was ready to implement, I tore through my stash and was unsatisfied with my choices. I did end up choosing some Fisherman's wool. No baby is going to get cold or wet (while fishing? whaling?) under my watch!

I don't feel any anxiety about screwing up the knitting aspect of this vest. I'm more anxious about the sizing. "What if everything fits but the neckline? What good will it be?!" -- these are the sorts of thoughts that rush through my head.

In other news, as I knit, the hubby renovates. So far, we've painted, put trim around the doors, popped in new doors (that the hubby did semi-from scratch), got the baseboards, and crown molding up. See below for before and after pics. (Excuse the mess! All furniture is still 6 inches from the wall!)

 Before: White walls, old baseboards, no crown molding, ghetto door frames, old doors.

After: In all its glory!

I love color! You should see that dark chocolate wall in the dining room.

Happy Weekend!

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Cheryl said...

very nice!!! :) love what you've done to the house!