Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!

The hubby surprised me with Easter flowers on Saturday. Apparently, he was impressed with my OCDness when I went on a spring cleaning frenzy for 6 or 7 hours the day before. I arrange the flowers in the vase myself with a technique named, "Try to fit it in the vase."

They currently reside in my bedroom. Well, they first lived in the living room, but because we are renovating, all furniture is 6 feet from the wall and in disarray. There's no point in sprucing up disarray with flowers. Why, that'd just be mad! Everyone knows you use pussy willows for that.

Then completely ignoring all other knitting projects,  I decided to make a coffee cup cozy for my dear friend, Stephanie, as she has a raging coffee addiction.

Sorry for the weird muted colors in the photo. I had to adjust it as the red was actually quite blinding.  It's quite the preppy coffee cup cozy.  Here's an alternate view with the button showing:

It as if it is wearing a vest. Why, I ought to make it a top hat.

I made it so that it would fit a paper cup as well as a ceramic one.

 Why, yes! I was in my boudoir. I plan to be where those flowers are.

When I presented Stephanie with her gift, she declared it her wristwatch cozy and slapped it on top of her time piece.

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