Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lazy Sunday Knits and some Yarn Pron

DRESSEW - Yarn Pron
Last week during lunch, my coworker and I ventured out to Dressew as it was pertinent that he have a  leprechaun hat to wear whilst drinking green beer for St. Patrick's Day. So off we walked into historical Gastown from Yaletown. Actually, more like I skipped and sang...then I deemed this slow, and perhaps ran...because I was THAT excited.

If you're not a craftster in Vancouver, you may not know that Dressew is where you can find all types of treasures like yarn, knitting tools, fabric, buttons, sewing tools, cross stitch tools, and apparently, leprechaun hats amongst other costumes, and more! To top it all off, their items are all more than reasonably priced. For example, each skein of yarn I purchased was $1.99 (CAD) and no, it wasn't novelty yarn (although, they have some of that too). This is what I got...

Two balls of Regia sock yarn, Nashua Cilantro (cotton-acrylic blend yarn) in a yellow-green, and Nashua Velvet Wool (wool-nylon blend) in a turquoise-cyan.

I initially only wanted to get the sock yarn, but my coworker kept egging me on with, "Dooooo EEEET!" as I cradled the Nashua yarn in my arms like a baby. If I had a basket, I'd be in even bigger trouble. When I succumbed to the seduction of yarn, my coworker exclaimed, "Hells to the ya!" which made me feel instantly better.

Now, I actually want to go back for more yarn and most likely will again at lunch. Then I will most likely go again with my mother on the weekend because we are a family of knitters and are typical knitter-enablers.

Dressew is two floors of awesome AND a bag of chips (AND a set of crochet hooks). Now I did not take any pics of this Dressew, but some other bloggers this blogger. If you're ever in the Vancouver area, it is a place worth checking out even if you don't craft much...because it may inspire you to be creative.

Lazy Meditative Sunday Knitting
Today, I woke up, sat on the couch and knitted. Other than steaming dumplings, baking chicken, and going out for dinner, knitting was all I did today. I finished up the baby kimono sweater.

I opted out of knitting ties for it and went with ribbon instead. I have a thing for the green and brown colour combo.

As well, I finally finished up that beret that I made for my mom. When I say finish up, I mean sew in the ends. If you know me, seaming and weaving in tails is my least favourite thing to do. I'd rather try to do a handstand and then lose control and crash my knee into the mirror at the gym -- wait, this has already happened. Nevertheless, here's the beret. I only have this one photo, perhaps will post alternate views when I update my website.
When my mom had tried it on for size, she asked me whether I knit it from a pattern. Then she interrupted herself and said, "Of course you didn't, you're smart. Like your mom." Sassy. Indeed no pattern, matter of knowing how to knit a circle.

I'm currently knitting a batch of fish hats (see Knitty for the pattern).  The one at the bottom left is for my brother who spends his weekends snowboarding at Whistler. He asked me, "Can you man it up a bit by adding teeth?" I am taking his request into consideration. Clearly, it's a WIP. Poor eyeless fishes.

You may also notice the little pink hippo. It's a Clover container holding my mini-Swiss army knife (for cutting yarn), stitch markers, seaming pins, darning needle, and other notions. I also have an alligator one that holds my double-pointed needles. Handy and CUTE! If you're looking to get one, try KnitPicks.

That's it for now!

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