Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bulky Seamless Kimono Sweater

I'm on my second bulky seamless baby kimono from The Complete Fabrication blog (here's the pattern: I can't stress how awesome this sweater is. I hate seaming, and this has none. It's knit from the top down in one entire piece. I think I've learned quite a bit from knitting this sweater and am feeling pretty good about designing my own top-down one-piece sweaters. YAY!

 As you can see, I'm still working on it. It has not been bind off at the bottom yet, and it still remains sleeveless. I also plan to modify the pattern a bit. I am not loving the ties on the original pattern, and may even out the edge along the front as well.

This time around, I chose to knit the sweater in Lion Brand's HomeSpun in Apple Green because I could not resist the color.

Isn't it a lovely colour? I had stolen that pic from the Lion Brand website as my pics were taken indoors at night and thus, aren't that accurate for color. What can I say, I'm a night-owl blogger.

I've never knit with a yarn with such texture. Seriously. With all the knitting I've ever done, it's always been with smooth yarn. This results in nice and even stitches. But look at this has got a ripply thing going on.

When knit up, as you can see from the first photo, it has a bumpy texture to it. I'm not used to it as I've been knitting with smooth yarn for years. I don't hate, I don't love it...I just think, "Hmm! Now that's different!" or "I bet this is what knits would look like if a drunken monkeys could knit!" Here's a close up!

It's like forcing uneven stitches. It looks like something I might have spun myself off my spindle...except better. haha. I find that the yarn splices easily. In the above picture, you can see one of the ends sticking out, and it has completely been fuzzed up. Worth it for the effect though. :)

Currently, these are WIP projects:
*2 fish hats: 1 needs eyes, 1 needs eyes and fins
*FO a beret. Even sewing in ends deters me from finishing a project

Haven't made much of a dent this weekend as I went running, and then went to a bbq and gobbled away all benefits of said running.

Currently, on my to-knit list
*another kimono baby sweater (wow, people are really popping out those babies!)
*1 more fish hat
*baby blanket
*coffee cup cozy

Time for bed!

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