Monday, March 15, 2010

Tools: Boye Interchangeable Knitting Needles

Before my hubby became my hubby, I knew he was a keeper. How? One Christmas, he gave me interchangeable knitting needles. The romance does not die there. Now that we're married, he willingly drives me to the crafts store and comes up with yarn-stash storage ideas. haha.

Back to the needles. Specifically, he purchased Boye Needlemaster Interchangeable Needles. See below.
 As you can see, there's a pair missing. They are currently in use for a hat I'm making. The set comes with needles in Size US2 to US15. They are aluminum, and colorful. I am shallow and am loving the colours.

There are many interchangeable needles on the market: Denise, Addi Turbo, KnitPicks, etc. For my non-knitting readers and those who do not use interchangeables, this is a breakdown of how the needles are assembled. I am explaining it, because I think it's nifty!

The set comes with cords in varying length. Each cord has a screw at each ends. Taking one of the cords, and one of the needles, screw the needle onto the end of the cord.

Although it is screwed on, there's no guarantee that it will not become undone while you're knitting. Which actually really sucks when it happens. So to discourage such a situation, you should tighten. The set provides tools for tightening.

Slide the pin-key into the hole at the end of the cord, and wrap the rubber grip around the needle. Turn the pin-key towards you, and the needle away from you. This will tighten the connection. See below.

Use both hands for tightening. I just had problems holding a camera, holding the pin-key, and the rubber grip. 

When you repeat these instructions for the other end of the cord, you are presented with circular knitting needles! 

I never knit on straight needles. However, if you do, don't count these needles out as an option.  One of my gf's have steered clear of interchangeables because she knits on straights. You can actually assemble them so they act like straight needles as well. The set comes with these end pieces that you can screw onto the cord. See below.
If you make two, you've got yourself a pair of straights.

Now these end pieces are also handy for other things. For example, if you are the type of knitter that knits multiple projects at a time, you may find that you need the same pair of needles for multiple projects. You can unscrew the needles from your existing project, screw end pieces to the cord to hold the project, and then screw the needles onto another cord to start another project. It's an ADD-knitter's dream.

One may also steer clear of interchangeables because they knit large items like throws. Again, not a problem as the set comes with connector pieces that allows you to connect cords together to make one longer one.

I love my interchangeables. It sure beats never having the right size of needles.


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