Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's To-Do List Day!

Spent the entire day running about trying to cross items off of my to-do list.

Did my taxes. First year I'm filling out the forms with a spouse in mind. This is good as this means hubby can not leave it until August. I still do my taxes by hand because I am dinosaur.

Am currently on load three of laundry and am wondering why I let it accumulate. Side note, anybody else a little bit weary of almost climbing into the washer and dryer to pull things out every week? Laundry, laundry, laundry. Am seriously contemplating paper clothes.

The morning started off nicely as I met up with some of the other students from my yoga class for dim sum. Then I ended up at Ikea for two hours with the hubby as we scrutinize every display and had long discussions about colours, design and furniture. I ended up buying a red cushion for one of my future knit projects, a bath mat, and a new pillow.

The pillow is made for side sleepers. Because I sleep in fetal position, this seems appropriate. AND... the fellow on the package looks peaceful doesn't he? I want to be that peaceful while sleeping...although don't want to be bald, or handless.

Then I ended up at a Walmart and found some curtain rods that the hubby and I both liked. Hopefully going up soon!

My project from last week is currently being blocked. I actually block sweaters on foam mats that parents typically use for their kids. I pinned down the sweater with some blocking pins.

I'm glad this sweater turned out. When I can't find my running groove, and when my hip flexors are frustratingly tight in yoga, I can look at this sweater and say, "At least I can do simple algebra, design a baby sweater, and knit it up!"

I haven't sewn on the buttons yet as the sweater is still drying; however, this is what I'm thinking...

This is what happens when you buy a large bag of random buttons. You aren't able to find any that match exactly.

This is the next project...
 ... just a simple crocheted baby blanket.

Happy Saturday!



Leah said...

Your vest came out wonderful! Not like I had any doubt ;)

blublu said...

Thanks, Leah! You're the awesomest!