Saturday, October 06, 2012

Under a blanket of blue...

Remember the blanket I blogged about before?

Under a blanket of blue, just you and me beneath the stars, wrapped in the arms of sweet romance, The night is ours

It's finally done. Seems impressive that it's done, but it's been about 1.5 years since that blogpost. My coworker calls this blanket "badass". I think it's a hilarious description for something soft and warm. It's like describing a rose as "totally ninja".

The kicker was that I actually ran out of yarn, went to the store, and they did not have the same color. I have a thing about keeping things perfect, and having it exactly the way I want...but I had to let it go, and bought the closest color. I added it to the beginning and end of the blanket. It turned out pretty nice.

So letting go of control? Sometimes things turn out better, and most definitely unique. I'm known to rip apart rows and rows of my knit/crochet projects because I twisted a stitch earlier in the project. My hubby suggests that I actually intentionally insert a mistake in my future project to get over that feeling. mistakes are okay. Intentionally making a mistake just feels so against my grain.

This blanket was made so that we wouldn't have to share an older crochet afghan I had made. Share is the nicer word for tug-o-war. However, it hasn't really worked out that way. Hilariously, we both now tug at the new blanket, or hubby just uses both. In reality, I must confess, this blanket was made for him. :)

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