Sunday, March 06, 2011

Spinning - Maybe I won't suck this time

I haven't been crafting a lot; thus, I haven't blogged since November of last year. There is no excuse for it really. I got swept up by birthdays, Christmas, New Years, vacation, and laying on the floor lethargically because I was immobilized either by my happy food belly or fitness routine.

However, Spring is near and I'm starting to get crafty urges. Although intense indoor crafting would make more sense in the Winter, there is actually very little daylight resulting in me uncomfortably squinting at my knitting by a lamp.

Oh, aren't you lovely!

I started on another crocheted throw as the hubby and I yank competitively at the only one we currently have. Actually, at times we race to the couch to get it first. We do have the fleece throws. You know, the ones you can get at Ikea for super cheap. However, they're not that great at trapping heat. So I went to Walmart, and bought a humongous 1000g ball of turquoise acrylic goodness. No scolding about acrylic please. I am not going to handwash and air dry a wool blanket. Here's what I've got so far...

In other news, my practically-a-sister gf and I spent Friday together. This typically means we eat McDonald's, go to yarn stores, do impulsive shopping at Walmart, swim, yoga, paint our toes, knit, watch horrible movies, or BBT (aka bubble tea) our faces off. We did knit this past Friday, where she spent 40 minutes learning and doing a new cast on method...which she then promptly ripped apart. Oh, Melody.

We had stopped by Baaad Anna's on Hastings to use a gift certificate I received from a friend for my birthday. Leora, you are an enabler and it's awesome. At Baaad Anna's, I was baaad blublu as I loaded up my arms with roving and skeins of Noro.

Roving? Why, yes! After chatting with Leah (my internet-crafting-and-random-humour buddy) and seeing her gorgeously handspun skein, I decided to give spinning another try. I had tried spinning before, but was using a short fiber which resulted in my craptastic looking yarn. So I picked up some roving with longer fibers from Baaad Anna's.

Yes, you are yummy!

The hubby had commented that it looked like treasure troll hair when I had pulled out a tuft of it. Blasphemy!

I created a leader and started spinning on my bottom whorl spindle.

 I'm much more consistent this time around, but it's still thicker and thinner in some places. It's still going to be "specialty yarn". We shall see what happens!

Here is some yarn pr0n for you. Noro!

Happy Crafting!

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Winnie said...

The blanket looks great!

I rather like acrylic too. If I'm buying yarn at a retail store around these parts, I often have to ball my own cotton or wool yarn. Acrylic always comes already balled and ready to use.