Tuesday, October 18, 2005

There are many knitted and crocheted items I've forgotten to post =D

Above: The scarf was knitted from a pattern that may be found at Knitty.

Above: the pattern for this scarf, Branching Out, may also be found at Knitty.

Above: This is BlubluMew, she is a crocheted tissue holder. She enjoys long rides in my purse and fiberous cuisine. (Ignore me in the background there). If you'd like to purchase one, please email.

Above: This cathat was based on a concept developed by my good friend Puppy52. I've used different knitting techniques than suggested.

1 comment:

Leah said...

Hey you have been super productive :D I love your lacework, I've never been able to figure that stuff out.

Aww Blublumew! So cute. So Blublu XD