Sunday, January 23, 2005

BluBluBerries: The Launch

BluBluBerries is nickname my bf gave me many years ago. It is also the name of my business. BluBluBerries is made up of custom hand-knit and crochet items. It's about having fashion reflect who we are, rather than have the clothes wear us.

My friends call me BluBlu, thus, BluBluBerries means you get the berries of my labour. It's like "fruits of my labour" but berries in particular =)

Above: This is the pingu-inspired hat, PingBlu, that launched a thousand single crochets...

Above: my handy-dandy labels =)

Whadaya think?


appleNeedleworks said...

i think the labels are great!!
and i wish you lots of luck.
and you better post more pictures.
oh and i'm not bossy.

chun said...

Hiiiiiiiii blubluuuu hehehehe gooooo blublu go! :P <3

Winnie said...

Hand-knit clothing and accessories are becoming quite popular all over again but those silly "fashionistas" are too lazy or stuck up to take up knitting, so you can charge them an arm and a leg.

I can see it now! Move over, Burberry! BluBluBerries will become the most sought-after label of 2005 and beyond! :-)

Sorry about my comments. Comment spam people wouldn't stop attacking my blog, so I had to put in a form that can't be automatically filled by their sophisticated spamming programs. Hopefully they won't find a way around that.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Great venture, I wish you all the very best of luck. I hope we can chat on MSN sometime for some possible designs.

Many thanks